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Felting needle = better/easier than crochet hook?

Do any of you regularly use a felting needle for dread maintence or else have a specific reason why you don’t? I’d like to hear your opinions…

I saw an entry on felting colored wool into dreads a while ago (very cool), but this is different—it’s regularly using a felting needle on the dread itself as described in this article on dreadlock repair.

It sounds great—simple and straight-forward, similar to crocheting but without the effort of catching the loose hairs in the crochet hook. Just stab, stab, stab with the needle. But would using a felting needle for regular maintenence damage the hairs of the dread and result in eventual weakening and breakage?

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They’re 1 year + 3 months old, and terribly overdue for maintenence. For a while I kept the roots tight by flipping the dread through the root, but about a month ago I finally came across lishd’s many comments about how bad that is for the dreading process. So I’ve stopped.

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I’m planning on dying deep purple (SFX) over the current brown/blonde gradient as soon as my dye gets here…

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You can really see here how the ends have come completely undreaded. They’ve been like that for months now! I’m making plans to get together with a friend to fix it, but I figure it’ll be best to dye them first.

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