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2 months old

I went to Milaan for 5 days and I really loved it! There is such a good athmosphere! yesterday I came back home and I allready miss it but it's nice that the weather is good here... today my dreads are 2 months old and I think they're coming along pretty well but on photo's they look more fuzzy and stuff but I will post some pictures of my trip to Milaan:

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Klik voor groot formaat
Klik voor groot formaat
Galleria, with all the expensive shops like prada and louis vuitton :P
Klik voor groot formaat
Klik voor groot formaat
me working on my dreads! 
Klik voor groot formaat
Klik voor groot formaat
Klik voor groot formaat
this is one of the 50 photo's or so ;) of dreadheads in Milaan, there was a political demonstration with over 1000 people!
 alot of pictures but I hope you like them... you all should go to Milaan ;)

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