long days and pleasant nights (sunshinemuffin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
long days and pleasant nights

sorry this is a bit rambly whatever. things are weird up in VT at SMC. loves to all. i thought of these walking home so i thought id post them.

my dreads are

my dreads are a thousand empty promises and 350 hugs from strangers
my dreads are the name of dead man chanted over and over again :auggie, augiie auggie" over the sounds of guitar riffs and trupet melodies.
my dreads are a that universal cold chill that everyone gets and on one talks about. my dreads are that momennt of connectionl
my dreads are a reaching out, they a begging for forgivneess
my dreads are a new beginning and an end
my dreads mark a passing my my life.
my dreads are strangers packed together in a room, a cold chill of a ghost tingling down our spines and our ears will ring in the morning and our hearts will ache and reach out but we will find nothing else there but more hearts and more hands and we will join them and realize
my  dreads are a realization
my dreads are  a self discovery
my dreads are a rude awakening
my dreads call out to others crying hug me, know me, love me, i am what i am, you are what you are, accept.
my dreads are a community
my dreads are unfinished business
my dreads are
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