Peter (coyote_howling) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

afternoon walkabout

Yesterday, when I checked what the weather was supoosed to be like today, it was supposed to be sunny and 21 (that's celsius, about 71 fahrenheit). Sounded like a great day for an afternoon out. After a sleepy morning, and an early afternoon crepe brunch outside, desertkitton and I slowly walked down Church to St Lawrence Market and then down Queen's Quay. We made it as far as the Spadina Slip when the sun abruptly disappeared and the thunderheads that we following us finally caught up. A little disappointed, we hopped onto a timely streetcar and took the TTC home. It was a nice afternoon out though, and now we sit inside and listen to the pouring rain.

Kitton's latte
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Kitton on the waterfront
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Me on the waterfront, looking west
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Kitton, by the tall ship Empire Sandy
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Minutes after these were taken, the bottom fell out of the sky.
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