aeternainstanti (aeternainstanti) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dread lock b-day

tomarrow my 82 dreads are going to be celebrating their 6 month birthday...i didn't even realise it till a moment ago.. it feels like i've had them for so much longer.
they're locking up quite well. the only problem areas are the tips which are slowly starting to lock up, and some loopy loops, which i wrap in multi-colored thread and have been tightening up by the time the tread wears off.
a bunch of pictures: a timeline

dressed up for Halloween at work about a month before dreads

6 months ago, when they were born

5 months ago

3 months ago

2 months ago

and tonight, almost 6 months old

sorry to post so many pictures...i figured i could somewhat redeem myself for not posting in a while due to school

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