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Here I am, with my band, The Shwillbillies, at the University District Street Fair. Well, it's me and my guitarist, James - in this photo:
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And here we are with our cello player, Nate.
Joe, [in the black hoodie with the LOC patch ]who also plays guitar and soon will be accompanying with the BANJO, is being anti-social while discussing his public drunkenness.
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They're not close ups, but hopefully I'll have some by tomorrow - There should be some more photos from the streetfair coming in soon. I'm still waiting for the photos I took of myself and my dog, which should be of slightly better quality, and better representations of said dready bihawks. I'll post them asap.

[p.s. we have a myspace...www.myspace.com/theshwillbillies, we'll be posting music soon]

Oh fuck it, while I'm at it with my continuous edits:
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They used to work at the fruitstand by my old house.
Dready boy in the middle is...ahem. er. Let me loosen my tie, per se.

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