The Lady of Shallot (lolalovestony) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Lady of Shallot

i'd like to have a few opinions

i'm going to get dreads soon. my hair is naturally medium-dark blonde depending on how much sun i get. i'm considering having light blonde dreads or fuschia dreads. i've had fuschia hair before and it looks nice. i was wondering if which one you guys prefer. i know i want fuschia but i'm chickening out because i'm concerned over people treating me differently because that happened before when i had strange hair colors and also fuschia can be a little harder to maintain. which one do you prefer?

also, my bangs are growing out, there almost to the tip of my nose. should i wait until they grow a little more so my dreadlocks will look great right away, or just start now and have them grow out?
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