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first post.

I've been lurking on here for a month or two now and finally decided to post. My name is Roberta, I just turned 15 about a month ago, from Long Island.. but that's not really important. I'm in a great mood today, my mom made snickerdoodles for the first time in about two years. Hah. I'm sorry if I messed up the LJ cut.. I'm new to the "new rich text" mode thing. If I did mess it up, and if somebody could tell me how to do it right, that would be superb. :D

Just me, from the side. I hardly ever wear my hair down.

I normally wear it like this.. up in pigtails. :D [actual color]

This is the undercut. Sometimes I regret it, but my 'hawk was too short to
pull back into a ponytail at the time, and this made it ten times easier.
This picture really does them no justice at all.. they are very hard and tight! [flash]

A pretty decent picture of three of them. View full size here (warning, huge photo).

Off color, but a great picture of how solid they are getting. :D

This is Andre. I made Andre way too fat (about two inches wide)..
but I think I will leave him be.. just to see what happens.

I've had my dreads (if you could even call these dreads) since early March. I don't remember the exact date, but it was before St. Patrick's Day. To form them, I randomly sectioned them off into all different sizes and backcombed the hell out of them. I than ripped and twisted over and over again. I clockwise rub the roots every now and then, and it works really well for me. Every two weeks or so I use bar soap, and soak 'em in salt water. Also, I palm roll in the shower. I think the salt water and the palm rolling are the reasons why they are so tight for being only two months old. For the first month they stook straight up, so I had to barette them down so I didn't look like a (complete) loon. They are only about four inches long right now (six if you count the loose hair at the ends) but I really dig 'em, and have no thoughts of getting rid of them any time soon. I can't wait until they hit my shoulders. It might sound weird, but I feel like my little dreadies have taught me how to have more patience with things. For example, I was a huge nail biter before I dreaded up. I literally bit them down to bloody stumps. Now, they are all a good 1/4 in long.

And, one more thing.. I actually have super frizzy, super curly hair. I use the Maxi Glide hair straightner, and it works like a charm.. the only problem is, when my hair gets wet, it poofs up. And I don't mean it just gets fluffy.. I'm talking afro-ish. Do you think I should get my bangs chemically straightened? My hair is already horribly damaged already because I first I had red hair, than I bleached it, dyed it blue, and than used a toner. I want to be able to go in the ocean water because I know it's good for my dreads, but I am afraid of looking like a crazy borderline albino chick with a blue afro while on the beach. Sorry for the extremely long post, and sorry if I didn't make much sense, I'm really tired. Thanks.
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