lilly (r_is_for_riot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My mom propositioned me with the following: "Take out your dreads and i'll pay for a tattoo in 3 weeks". At first I said "NO WAYYY".. But then we made a compromise..I can STILL get the tattoo if I take out all the matted, halfassed ones out of the backside of my head. She said that she'll let me re-do them if I let someone who knows what they're doing re-do them for me. I told her that I refused to go go a salon and she said that's fine, just a friend or something. All of my friends are completely irked out by the idea.

SO. Would anyone in the san antonio/austin TX area be interested in helping me re-do the backside of my hair? I'd be forever and ever in your debt.
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