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ok, so i've been reading through the GUDU posts for a while now, often thinking, wow, it's been longer since i've washed my dreads than a lot of these people have HAD dreads....

i honestly forget when the last time was, but my best guess puts it around march 9th,

so I hadn't washed my dreads in more than 2 and a half months. I also hadn't rinsed them or been swimming either.

This sort of happened by accident, as I used to wash them all the time, but things got crazy and I just didn't.

I was really impressed though, I didn't have any dandruff, they didn't smell at all, they weren't overly greasy, people would compliment me on how clean i kept them... it was nice.

buuuuuuut i just washed them and it felt GREAT.

here's a picture I took last night before they got washed:

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