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Hey dreadheads, what's doin?
I am not_so_new to this community, but I figured it's about time I contribute some photos (seeing as I spy on you kids all the time).
Currently, I have long black UNDREADED hair, but that is all going to change on the 18th. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the process, but for now, here are some teasers from past dread experiences:

wasn't I cute? That was my first batch. I musta been 14. Awwww!

But then I cut my hair real short. :/

Not to worry though, by this point I was a dread addict, and soon after:

these were born

but soon I got bored with bleach, so I started dying them...:

As I was unhappy with the whole 'cotton-candy pink ultra candy kid raver-hippie look, I decided it was time to start fresh:

So I shaved them off and grew my hair out again:

As soon as I got the oppourtunity, these nappies sprouted:

Look how thick my hair is. Trust me, it can be a pain in the ass when dreads decide that they want to be poofy:

So I got tired of those ones and I brushed them out:

In the meantime, I dreaded some friends hair (including my brother's)

I also locked some nappies from a member here called radiohild (hope he doesn't mind the pic I posted of him bending over, mjum!)

Anyhow, now I want my dreads BACK! And this time they are gonna be BLACK! stay tuned!!

...and don't let my innocent youthful face fool you (hah). I've been in and out of dreads for the past 6 years now- not to mention that I have dreaded many-a-head. I've also had many different types of dreads, from natural to waxed, professional to home-grown. I am about to get some groovin rastas at a place called SAFARI (located in Göteborg, Sweden) to tackle my locks this time! If anyone in the area is interested, I can hook you up with details. :D

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