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Ok. I have had dread for two months now. I at first used elastics at the roots and tips. I eventually took the tips out, since the bottom of my dreads have knotted nicely and there is no way that they are going to unravel. So today I went to bath and body works and one of the employees came right over to me and asked how long I had my dreads and told me to take the elastics off of the roots and to backcomb again and again. She said she had big dreads and that she just continued to backcomb them for an hour a day for two and a half months and said that they were rock hard after that. Since I started my dreads have noticed more and more people with dreads and have had many people compliment me on mine. My only question for you experienced dreadheads is should I take the elastics off the roots, now that they are two months old and should I backcomb the roots again because some of the roots on the dreads in the back of my head for loose and not as nicely knotted as the sides of my head. I figured that I would take the elastics out and just let my dreads do their thing. But the loose roots on the back dreads do bother me, however I know that my dreads are still young and they take time. So some advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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