lindsay grace (graciebanana) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
lindsay grace

so folks, about five hours (while taking breaks, even a by a day)

i am left with 5 dreads.

they needed to be out before the school year started (for acting purposes)
and so the other day i decided to comb one out to see if it would damage my hair a ton.

it didnt...
i did find all sorts of mildew and build-up from shampoo.
(i didnt treat my dreads nicely while i had them.)

so tomorrow, all but one get brushed out
(if my mother(a hairdresser) and i cant figure out a way to highlight w/ dreads)
(she uses a cap, and its

adios mis amigos.
i'll still watch and occaisionally write here.
as for my one dread, it was my first, and always my best and thickest...
that one i'll keep.

and someday, i will have wonderful, nicely manicured
and well taken care of dreads.
but for now, the one will have to do.

it's devastating.
i feel...ALMOST....boring now.

someday we'll start anew.
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