spinneret (alpacasforlunch) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

today my dreadlocks were born! or about half of them, anyway. the rest will be done tomorrow. my hair is quite long so it takes ages to backcomb well. my friend(s) did most of them, and the few i did myself weren't really as good.

last night we sectioned and braided:

and then today we backcombed most of the ones in the back and bottom:

i'm not that good at taking pictures of my hair, so it's blurry

i have a question or two...
first, about pain. i'm pretty sensitive and my scalp hurts, i'm assuming this is just from all the hair-pulling, but is this normal (for those who backcomb)?

some of the dreads are really tight, like thick fuzzy pipecleaners. they're also very stiff... do they stay that way or become more moveable?

also, some were sort of backcombed in a way that they stick out by the roots rather than laying sort of flat... i don't know how to explain that better, but in the last picture you can see this a bit. the roots are really tight and when i try to make these lay flat it doesn't really work (and it hurts). is there a way to make these dreads not stick out? 'cause it looks pretty weird and is uncomfortable.

one last thing-- salt water. what exactly does it do to dreads? how often should you spray them with it?

thank you so much. :)
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