auntpol (auntpol) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A question about braiding and plaiting with dreads...

I've been watching this community for a while now, and I've finally decided to de-lurk: mainly because I want to ask a question...

I really really like the idea of having dreads (despite the fact my mother will, undoubtedly, murder me if I get them. But, I digress!), however I also really like braiding and plaiting my hair.

Whilst I understand (as Lish seems to have said a number of times) that anything you can do to normal hair, you can do to dreaded hair, I was wondering what degree of success people have had with braiding (i.e. french braiding) and plaiting hair. I was also thinking that plaits and braids may make dreads seem neater/more conventional for occasions that call for such things. It seems reasonable that people with smaller (that is, more) dreads would have an easier time doing this to their hair, than people with chunky dreads.

I guess, what this all boils down to is that I want to ask a favour of all you lovely people: plait/braid your dreads, tell me/show me what they look like!

(Oh, and I'm also guessing that braiding/plaiting baby dreads would increase the time it takes to lock up, us braids don't move as much as regular hair. A reasonable sounding theory?)

Additionally (sorry to make this so question-heavy): My lovely other half doesn't like the idea of me having dreads. He stated three reasons: 1. He won't be able to eat my hair anymore because it will apparently be dirty. I told him this doesn't have to be true. Also, don't ask me why he likes chewing on my hair: I don't know. 2. He likes the way it looks now. I pointed out that this doesn't exclude the possibility of him liking dreads on me. and 3. It'll be scratchy. So, my question to you is, are (most) dreads overly scratchy? Living in such a boring small place as Perth, Western Australia, I don't see many dread-heads about, and have never had the opportunity to actually touch dreads. Do you find that the scratchyness annoys you? (Obviously, this will depend on your hair type. My hair is quite dense (That is, each individual hair is thick), pretty shiney and silky, and is sometimes a little wavey. But not much.))

Thank you, in advance!
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