nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

two weeks ago, getting love from folks i hadn't seen in months upon months.
if you look closely, you can kind of see the fantastic peyote stitch done
by our very own robin_m_sills/mamaslilqueer - i highly reccomend
her and her work to anyone who's lookin for something low cost and
high snazz! yes, my roots are gold instead of blonde because... well, i was
foolish and impatient and washed the bleach out too soon (because my head
was iiiiitchyyyyyyyyyyyy). oh, and one last thing? if you've got rough locks,
shea butter really IS the bombdiggitydang cure (thanks, alaskadanielle!)

...and... yes.. my nose is swollen because i got in a FIGHT!... or, well.. the ocean
decided to whack me with my very own surfboard a few days prior. sadly, i liked the
way it made me look (i dont own/use makeup and.. hahaha.. i thought the rough n'
tumble looked suited me quite finely. i kind of miss it now that it's healed?)

yeh yeh yeh, this is technically at 23months, not two years, but it's
the best shot i've got (so far) of maria's (fugged) dread being
sewn into mine. impressively, it's already somewhat well locked at the
"connection point." i'm quite pleased with it, especially since i wasn't
too sure what i was doing, and because of it's location, i did it almost
all by just touch (the back of your head is tough to get a good visual of,
even if you live in a mirror filled apartment like mine!). altho, since
it stands out just a bit from it's little blonde compadres, people often
ask why i've chopped and dyed the one lock. then, then... i'm left to try
and explain it. i guess, in my (our) little dreadieworld, it doesnt seem
strange to attach a close friend's lock into your own, but to layfolks?
(or, in my case, ELDERLY CHURCHGOERS!) it's.. well, a bit difficult
for them to comprehend/accept. often, i just try to avoid the question.

...and for the record.. i've kind of decided on doing a post a day here this week. oddly, i dont think i even joined this community until my locks were already a year or so, and now? well, GUDU just seems an intregal part of my hairlife. i've found clients, friends, tips, tricks, and BUNDLES of good folks because of this community. cheers to all. :)
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