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I am not sure if people here want this, but I am posting it either way!

Lots, and lots of pics behind the cut! Sorry about the flash, but it's freaking hot here, so I had to close the curtains which makes my room dark.

First off all, you are allowed to use two hands. You are, really. I am not showing off, I am just trying to hold everything in place while I use the other hand to take pictures with a very heavy cam!

These pictures are made using loose hair. Loose hair is just tricky-er (with fly-aways and stuff), almost everything is the same for dreads!

For loose hair you really want to start at the base of the hair, preventing unwanted dreading of the hair above. Dreads don't give a damn about that, so start where ever you please! If you are using the wraps to make loose parts in your dreads tighter, start above it, where the dread already is tight.. Or tight-er..

You may use wool, altho I've heard that it can felt when you wash your hair and get stuck in your hair. I've never noticed it, but it could be true.. Use cotton.. Or anything synthetic. Just to be sure ;)

You can use ANY color you please, as many as you like! But remember, more strands = more thickness = more twists = more length!! I've used one strand of dark grey, one of light grey and a red one.


Grap a section. Image this is a dread. Come on, you can do it! You might want to clip everything around it, because of the fly-aways. They can be uncomfortable.

Now grap your wool/cotton. I use 6x the length of the hair.

Hold all the strand and fold them in half, leaving you with a loop and equal lengths on each side of the loop.

Lay the loop under the hair. When you are doing this on dreads, you might want to grap your crochetneedle and pull the loop THROUGH your dread. What ever flows your boat man!

Now pull ALL the strands through the loop and pull thight. There, now you can let go for a seconds if your hands start hurting (jees, pussies). Or your brain (jees, pussies..)

Now, on to the REAL part. Decide what color you want first (come on, you just gave your brain some rest, you can do this now!). Hold the other strands and your dread/the hair in one hand (the non-writing one, but if you want to make it hard on yourself; sure go ahead and use the writing-hand!). Never, ever, never twist this base. One or two twists is ok and cool, but nothing more then that. You are twisting with your writing-hand, the other one holds STILL. (why? if you twist your base and twist the wool with your other hand around it, it will unwind if you twisted it both the same way or pull TOO tight if you have twisted it oposite of each other.. You don't believe me? Try it..)

Start twisting.. Come on let's twist again, untill the late night hours (or what ever, I don't know my classics that well).
As you can see I started below the knot. You can start above it if you don't like the look of it, but then don't pull to hard, or you'll pull knot right out of the hair.
I used both strands, because I am lazy and I want to be finished fast.

Changing color. Just pull out a new color and hold the other color in your hand. Then start twisting. Come on let's twist AGAIN!

You mind want to rest your brain again, because we are starting the patterns!

Change color, but now grap a strand of the one color and a strand of anoth color. Hold the rest of the strands in your non-writing-hand (the lazy hand ;))
And twist again. Make sure you always hold one color above the other one, because only then you get the stripes you want. You could also use three, four, five, six, seven, eight colors. Or use something like purple-green-purple so you get purple-green-purple-purple-green-purple strips.

Like that!

Time for a brain-rest.. Get yourself something to drink or eat, but do not let go and hold your non-writing hand on your hair and the strands!

Decide what colors you want. You want a base color and a (or two) color(s) to make the turn-overs.

Pull out the turn-over-color(s) and hold them apart. Now pull out the base color (grey for me), putting back the color you just used into your non-writing-hand. Start twisting (come on let's twist again!!) untill you have enough. Now hold this base color in your non-writing-hand too!

Grap one of the strands you left out and twist it around the base-color, leaving some space.

If you like this look, you could have also left only one strand out. Or leave two colors out and twist them together. The possibilities are endless!

Now grap the other left out strand and wrap it, but the other way around, so you get the "crosses". Again, you could also leave 4 strand out and make crosses with two colour, or four.

There is one other way to make the cross-overs. You can only use one strand (meaning; ONE color) for this one. I like it better, because you don't loose any thickness (you are not leaving anything out off the wrap).

Just make a plain wrap. Take one strand and twist it (leaving gaps) towards the top.

Like that. See that I am holding the strand at the top?

Turn it over and twist down, making crosses.

We are nearly done! Wooooohooooo!

When you reach the end of your hair (or when ever you feel like stopping :)) make sure you leave just a little bit of hair out. If you stop here, it won't unravel as fast as it would if you stop below the hair. Try it if you don't believe me.

Let's get that non-writing-hand working!

Hold the strand as in the pic. It's hard, but you'll get the hang of it.

Now take the strand in your writing-hand and pull it through the loop you just made.

Pull thight (make sure you get your fingers OUT of there, because they can get injured. Don't say I didn't warn you!). Voila, knot! You can let go now! Yeah, you made it!

But, you can also keep on working. If you have made your wool 6x the length of your hair, you most likely have some left at the end. Just hold that and wrap that. If you want to hold onto the thicknees, just cut some more strands and add those at the end of the hair, using the very first knot. You can now wrap, but ith the same thickness.

Voila, extended wrap! Just make a simple knot at the end when you are done, cut the ends and you are ready.

If you want to add beads, bells, shells, metal pieces or what ever, it might be easy to add those after making the very first knot. It might be tricky to keep these pieces on the strand, but trust me, it's easier then to put a bead on a piece of wool when you only have one hand availeble. An other trick you could use is making a knot like the second one, but with only one strand. You can not let go and put a bead/stuff on all the strands, without everything coming undone.

Now don't say that didn't help you, just lie and say you like it ;) If you missed something, tell me, I want to learn more stuff like that!

And because I want EVERYBODY to know;

(let's hope he feels the same about me ;) will you pray for me? Or at least think of me?)
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