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Update O'clock

I thought that it's been a while since I updated on the progress of my dreads. I don't imagine anyone really remembers me as I don't post very regularly, but I do read the community almost every day. My dreads are about 18 months old and I love them, they've changed so much. They look different almost every day.

Picture from a night out, we had fun. I had lots of Corona, just because it's summer and I love it!

Mmmmm... beer...

They've grown like mad things, this is what they looked like about a year ago... ish

And now...

Me and my man. I can't decide if he's either singing or sneezing...

From the same night out. I met a bloke with wicked dreads, he was called ben, or Joe, or Dave. I forget, I was pretty hammered to be honest!

And, the worst picture every taken of me. I think it speaks volumes about the evening on which it was taken...

I'm just posting this because I thought you guys might like it. I went outside to the garden the other day and found one of my cats sleeping on Chris' punch bag. It just makes me laugh seeing her fat belly sagging over it. (I don't overfeed her, she's just the world's laziest cat which is why she's fat)

Thanks, it makes me happy to be able to look at pretty faces and pretty dreads every day on this community.

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