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washing dreads/shampoo

these questions have probably been asked already .. sorry...

next week I'm going to talk to my boss about dreading my hair and if it's not a big deal or against work policies, I'm gonna do it.

First question is this.. I'm trying to work out at least four days a week and have to shower after .. this is going to make my dreading efforts hard isn't it? I figure I could pull my hair up into shower cap for the first week or so to keep them dry after I work out ... does anyone see a problem with this?

second.. I LOVE the shampoos and products from lush .. they have solid and liquid shampoo with all sorts of great smells .. could I use any of their shampoo on my dreads? I understand from the memories that conditioner is a no no, but I'm guessing it's ok to use any type of shampoo.

and when you do wash, you should only wash the scalp right? or would I squeeze the shampoo into the dread itself like a sponge and then rince out the same way? sorry for so many questions!

thanks all you beautiful dreadies!
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