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Are these even considered baby dreads yet?

Still only two months and two weeks since i backcombed them.

The two problem spots where everything pretty much fell out. ^^

Many are loopy like this. Though only on one side of my head. The other is quite sad and seems to just be kind of floppy and limp, but still kind of tangly.

And here is some of my hair eating itself. Two bits combining into one kind of weirdly. A few pieces are doing this.

I haven't felt the need to use wax for the past two weeks. I think i'm going to abandon it altogether. Though I only used it once a week in the first place. And I didn't use any for the initial two weeks. Did anyone else's dreads feel as stringy and tangly as mine look and feel? I'm half contemplating redoing it...unless I'm on an alright track.
I don't know. I'm very worried about the portion of my head that isn't progressing as nicely as the other portion.(My right side is faring out better than most of the left)Is there anything you guys can reccommend to help it tangle up a little better? I've been rubbing it as much as the other side, and I do spray my head with a saline solution.
Don't get me wrong, the first two pictures are the pictures of my "problem spots" I guess, since those are the ones causing me a bit of stress. No matter how much I palmrolled in the beginning(for the first two weeks I would palmroll an hour plus a day, and this was the period without wax)I could tell some of them would kind of fall out. And they did. Not completely, because as I said, you can kinda feel tangles, but it's still kind of sad feeling.

Soo...I know I've been tweaking this blurb like crazy but can someone actually help me a little? I was told this community is great for advice and support but when I post you guys get alot less talkitive. I know it's kind of rude to request more straightforward for someone to reply, but I don't know a thing about dread progression. I know no one who has dreads or anyone who has ever had dreads. So this is all a walk in the dark.
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