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Hi there, everyone!
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I just started in on dreading my hair--so I know they're still very loose and fuzztastic (Oh, Jersey summers, it's like pea soup every day) but I was quite excited so I thought I'd share. They're only a couple days old, and any tips on getting them looking good is appreciated.

Hahaha, my boss didn't even blink an eye about them--I think he was just glad I didn't come in with big ass gay pride flag on my head like I did last summer. My friends were all kind of surprised, I usually go for bright hair, but to be honest, I'm getting older and maybe growing up, and I didn't want crazy colors anymore. Plus I'm totally neurotic about matching, so it drove me crazy--every time I got a new color, I couldn't wear half my wardrobe. But dreads go with everything~!
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