note to self: don't die (molly2dope) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
note to self: don't die

I had some pretty makeshift dreads (basically my two months unwashed hair sewed up and scrunched with pieces of string, wire, yarn and other random shit shoved into them) for a couple months and then later I had some crappy dreads (basically my horribly fried hair teased up and held together with grease). Pictures are under the cut if you're interested in seeing my disasters.

I have finally decided that I want actual dreads, but I don't want to give up dying my hair crazy colors. I looked back a bunch of entries and didn't see anything, so forgive me if this question has been asked do you successfully bleach and dye dreads? I refuse to believe you do it like you would normal hair.

I also want them to be lots of itty bitty dreads all friend that's doing them is really good at it, but he's never done them as small and tight as I want them, so any tips I can use for that? Thanks in advance :)

1st ones:


Also, I run (yet another) rating community called unique_hair, so if you think your hair looks really awesome you should join.
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