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just over one month of dread-ness.

due to my complete inability to take a good picture of myself, i just made ridiculous faces, so i could say that i meant to look dumb. and then i told everyone of my plot. are my one monthers:

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Here's my dreadies, one month in, complete with a weird bug bite under my eyeball. Sweet.

I'm kind of worried about the back...this is the best picture i could get:
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I can't really reach some of the back dreads, so I'm scared that they're growing into some weird mass or something.

Also, for your enjoyment, the I'm-taking-a-shit-but-not-really shot, complete with what appears to be blueberry between my front teeth, because i was biting blueberries in half for my pet rats, because they never eat whole ones, so I give them each half.

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So, how are my dreads lookin'? I originally did some backcombing, but mostly I've just been rolling them and letting them do their thing. I was using knotty boy bar shampoo for a week or two, but then I left it in a hotel room in Arizona (I live in Maryland) like the idiot I am, so lately I've been mostly just rinsing my hair until I stop being lazy and get new 'poo. I swim a lot and I've been using a locking mixture I made with water, aloe, salt, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil, which smells pretty good, so I don't feel dirty at all.

Didn't mean to give you my whole life story there. Any comments/advice/offers of marriage are welcome.

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