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Let me first say thank you to everyone who answered my last post. As always, you were very helpful. :)

Here are some pics I just took (minus the first, of course). Sorry for the little bit of lopsidedness. I just woke up.

This is the closest thing to a before pic I have.

As you can see from the second pic, I actually lost more than 50% of my length in some dreads. But after taking these pics and really being able to see the back, I'm started to think I'm stressing about it way too much.
Another question I just thought of.. will cutting off the long, undreaded hair at the ends hinder locking the ends up?
Last question, I promise. This is probably a really stupid question, but are any of you near Rapid City, SD? I'm not looking to pay for anyone to travel to work on my dreads or anything. Maybe just a palm-rolling buddy to take turns getting those dreads in the back. And hang out, of course. :)
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