Renée (_dreadlocked) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A few days ago me and my friend made dreads on our other friend. A dreadhawk actually. This was the first time we tried to make dreads and at first my friend did very well and i really SUCKED, haha. But after practicing on a few dreadies i got the hang of it and they turned out pretty tight :). Me and the other friend already where dreadheads but now the 3 of us are dreadbuddies. My mom was like: "Oh, not anóther dreadhead!" We used knottyboy wax and rubber bands. I know most of you disagree with using wax and bands but me and my already dreaded friend had a good experience using them so we're just doing it the way it worked out best for us. In the end it took us about 7 hours, spread over 2 days

My friends. Old picture from about a year ago but his hair was the same before dreading.


both sides off, he's got realllly thick hair.

first dreads


Finally done! Now the wax..

DONE! But he doesn't look too happy..

That's better :)

And these are my dreadies:

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