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I started to dread my hair today, but...

My hair's about 7 inches long and I sectioned it into squares today and started to dread it. The problem is, the roots are coming out waaay too messy. If my hair was super long then I wouldn't care so much about the roots as long as most of each dread looked pretty good. But since my hair's pretty short, for the roots to be so messy pretty much ruins the whole length of the dread.

I'm trying to do them like this person is in these pictures: (I believe these might be from gudu. I don't want to post pics of anyone without asking, so I cropped them and I hope it's ok)

Those pictures are as it's actually being done; they're not matured or anything, so I'm not really looking to hear "be patient" as an answer. I want to do mine the same way they are so mine look tight as all hell at the roots. But no matter how slow and tight I go, they keep coming out more like this gudu user who just recently finished theirs:

I realize that's how alot of people's look when they first do them, but that's usually because they choose to do it that way and they don't mind. I'm looking to do them tigher and more solid since my hair is so short. Can anyone help me? I'd say that there were rubber bands in the top pics but I don't know that for sure.

Also, even though my hair is 7 inches long, I seem to run out of anything more than a strand to hold on to when I'm about half way, or 3.5 inches done with a dread. This ends up making them even shorter, which is really annoying. I know dreads make your hair shorter, but is there anyway to get a little more dread out of it till the end? In the top 2 photos it looks like they got pretty much to the end whereas I run out long before. Am I pushing too much hair down too fast?

Thanks to anyone who helps me with either questions!
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