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i'm new.

everyone in here is SO BEAUTIFUL. it warms my heart so much! i'd give you all hugs, if i could.

okay, BASICALLY, this is three-fold.

one, i wanted to say hi. check.

two, i have a question about wax. i looked in the memories and it doesn't seem to be addressed...but i want to know if anybody knows of a very effective way to get rid of excess wax. one of my little dreadies in the back is smothered. : (
i was thinking of just soaking my dreads in hot hot hot water...? i have dax2 shampoo (designed to remove pomade- and it works pretty well)..but it's not water-based, i think, so it won't wash out from my hair well. it prolly wouldn't grab most of the wax anyways since it's wax instead of petroleum-based. so! suggestions? (p.s. i don't wax my hair anymore, it's left over from the person who gave me dreads)

three! i not only love my dreads, i LOVE GIVING THEM! i live in hatfield, pa- about 45 mins. from philly. so if you've been wanting dreads for a while and are near the philly area (this includes you, lurkers!), i'd LOVE to get you started! the only payment i'll accept is you rolling some of the dreads in the back of my head. it's hard for me to reach back there. and it'll give you practice. : )

3 weeks old.

this is me and my friend tiffy. she has a green wall.

i love you all;

peace, truth, Love.
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