nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

some dreadupdates!

Shannon's (hippiefaith) dreads @ about 8 months, wrapped up haphazardly
and looking freakin accidentally snazzy (one of the best things about dreads, no? ;))

and then, when i said i was magic with a hook? yeh yeh yeh!

first, pretty & precious little ms. natalie (dometrent):

and then, gorgeous gypsy gwen (the_fairy)

*** this post isn't MEANT to encourage you to mess with loops on baby locks. just know that if loops dont eat themselves, and they're mature enough, you can fix any them - or any other irregularities that bother you! they're your art! they're your HEAD! but first and foremost, let them do their own thing. then, afterwards, if they still need some lovin? know that there's nothing that CAN'T be done. :)

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