nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

for those of you who think dreadlocks have to be messy from day one, here's just another exploration into (my world of) rip and twist:

my hair at:
just finished
one month
three months
5.5 months

...just to give you an idea :) i'd responded to a comment in my journal with these links, and thought you might all enjoy them as well. yes, they look different than backcoming. but hey, all dreads look different. it all depends on how you want them at first, how you want them in the middle, and howyou want them eventually. i've never had anything but love for my locks. :)

my head was my first r&t "Experiment" - since then i've put a few on natalie (instead of sewing her frizzies, i gave her Babies) and my friend melanie, and i've learned that they can be done to look completely non-braidy. it's all in the touch ;)
cheers, kids!

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