dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
dizzy sensation of being

wool vs. synth

it's the dreaded (pun intended) question about adding fake hair to dreads.

i'll be heading out to my annual "vacation in the desert" this year, and want to add some temporary legnth to my hair for the occasion.

last year i went with 2/3 of a head of synthetic dreads.

they were cumbersome, very heavy and hot, and got in the way far too much.

i'm looking for an alternative to using synth.

has anyone any experience with wool extensions?

i hear they are much lighter than synth dreads, which is a tremendous +++ in my book.

my only question, are they HOTTER than synth dreads? of course, one would assume yes, but i don't like making assumptions, i want facts from people who have tried it.

also, i only want to cover about 1/4 of my head with extenders, leaving the front and the sides alone. this should free up bulkiness as well.

essentially, i just don't want to have what feels like 10 lbs. of hot, dusty plastic on my head at the end of the week.

pluses? minuses?

and just so this isn't all text, here's a picture from

the long dreads are the synth (of course) and my natural dreads (only about six months old here) are the shorter sticky-uppy ones on the top and in the front.
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