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Coloring Dreads........

Hello everyone!

I've been reading the post but this is my first time posting.

Here's my question:  Should I dye my hair before or after I dread my hair?

I read through the memories and didn't really see a response to this question. I don't know which would be safer for my hair and or easier to do.  Also. My hair is not exactaly black but not exactly brown and It has the remnites of blond hair color that I splattered around in my hair (ghetto highlights) in it from a year ago. (that part is about four inches away from my scalp)  I would like my hair color to be like my synthic dreads now; a mix of blond, brown and white.  Should I just  put the hair in sections and dye each the color I want?  Will I need to bleach my hair to get the white color? Will I need to bleach my hair to get a true blond color into it?  (darn. I just realized I'll be losing my white and brown swirl!)  As far as the process, I am gonna twist my hair instead of back combing using almond oil and coconut oil.  I'm hoping it turns out good!  Thanks for any help you can offer. it better to back comb than to twist?  I'm assuming a back comb would make it a little frizzier.  Twisting would make it neater.


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