Ariel (arielhp) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

today, my dreads saved me a great deal of pain.
i'm trying to teach myself poi.
and i don't have enough money to buy a soft beginner set, and all the socks in my house are in use, so i made some out of nylon cord, and PVC piping.
i bet you can see where i'm goin with this, but i was spinning, and smacked myself in the back of the head, my dreads were there, protecting me from a concussion.
thanks dreadies!
(i no longer have pvc pipe at the end, instead, i duct taped a bunch of corks together, and use those instead, slightly less bloodiness and bruising happens when you hit yourself with cork)

also, mine just turned 3, so if i can round up a camera, i'll post some pictures, hopefully i can find a scanner somewhere too, so i can post some of the beginning.

and one more thing, any of you going to the michigan womens music festival?
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