Luna (isillote) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


guys i have to confess.
i didn't realise how much i've really changed.
more than i could've guessed.
today is the 9month anniversary of my third set of dreads.
who by the way only lived to be 4 months, maybe 5ish.
i combed them out and decided i wanted loooooooooooong hair.
i cut it in the beginning of april, the dread, comb, dread, comb, dread, comb process had made it frizzy.

i love my new long hair.
but i wanted a dread.
i prepared, found my stash, got you guys before pictures.....
dreaded my dread;
and absoloutly freaked out.
i couldn't believe i made that dread, how was i gonna get it out, it couldn't stay in..
so i combed fiercly, and it came out.
i don't think i'll ever dread my hair again..

took three dark pics, and three with flash..

that's my cat's shadow, in case you're wondering.

here's with flash. disgusting.

excuse the face.

it's official.
i'm a wimp.

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