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Ok, so after everyone's comments I finally decided dreads were important enough to me that I want to do them even if I can't control them. One question I do have though is that my hair is currently an undercut, shaved up pretty high. The top layer of my hair is about 7 inches long, and the undercut is grown in to about an inch or inch and a half. I'm going to wait a bit before I start dreads because I know they'll shrink and I don't really want little nubby dreads right now. So I'm going to wait a few months till my hair is a little longer.

My question is should I just go ahead and dread my top layer once it's the length I want it? Or should I wait for all my hair to be even again. Because if I do that it means I'm going to have to wait a year or so. I ask because it's one thing to have dreads on top of an undercut shaved to the scalp, but if I have dreads on top and like 4 inch long hair underneath as it's growing in, won't that be very messy and confusing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Maybe I should just give it a whirl. I wonder if there's anyone around here that could help me start em. I live in the rochester, ny area and I remember at least one person mentioning they lived around here. Not like i'm doing anything today anyway. I have a comb and bands and stuff, I just can't section my hair very well. Anyone wanna help? ^_^
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