animal geek (unformed) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
animal geek

crocheting dreads (with a crochet hook)

Emil will sometimes crochet in my whispys while we watch a movie or two. Many will fall out again, but many also stay where they're put and my dreads always look really good at least for the night :)

I get a lot of amusment out of taking pictures of myself, and you guys appear to be bearing the brunt of the results. sorry. Anyways, this photo shows the fuzzies and little dread-balls the best, but I was making a face that didn't need to be on the internet.

And here is after crocheting

And here's a shot of the top of my head, I think things are going very well :D

and, at first I was woried that it would make the dreads look too "braidy" but after a few days it's hard to tell which ones were crocheted even when the hair stays put. oh, and they're 1.5 months.
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