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Dread Update

I often think about updating, but don't actually get around to actually doing it, but now I finally have. I read the community most every day and I love seeing all of your beautiful dreadlocks. I've been working in a natural foods store this summer, and I've seen more dreaded folks on a daily basis than ever before.

Anyways, here is a timeline of sorts. My dreads will be 2yrs and 6months on the 28th.

This is the first picture I have...somewhere between 1 month and 2.

6 months.

10 months.

Around 1 year I bleached and dyed some of them blue.

Then I gave myself bangs about a year ago.

I dyed them purple at the end of last August...

and the color lasted for quite awhile. (This photo was from halloween, I was the tooth fairy and tied clay teeth in my hair.)

I almost cut them off a month before they turned 2, but instead I ended up just cutting off a few inches.

By May it had grown out quite a bit.

There was still a hint of purple after almost a year, so I dyed it back to brown. I am enjoying having hair that is all one color again. (And yes, I know my eyes look creepy in this photo.)

Annnnd from the back.

Alright, so there was a ton of pictures to make up for not posting very often.

Keep up the dreading, everyone, and good luck!

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