One Winged Guy (onewinged) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
One Winged Guy

Dreads problem in Montréal!

You got to help me people. I'm about to cut my dreads. Yeah, my 4 years old, beloved, long dreads.

There are driving me crazy rencently. They don't look good and I know it, so I ALWAYS tie them. So why would I bother having them in hot summer if I don't like them anymore. It's all y fault anyway. I did something very stupid about 2 years ago. I chopped all the hair that weren't dreads. Just forgot that hair grows back. Meuh. I need a complete dreads make-over (wouldn't that be a nice show on the Life channel?).

I have those options:

1) Cut them, give them to the poor or something, and become a lawler or a cop.
2) Cut all the stupid little hair that isn't dreads, then do it over and over each month.
3) Get a little hook somewhere (I tried to get one but failed) and try to fix them myself (then curse a lot and get my girlfriend to do it)
4) Get someone on the net to fix my dreads, if someone here lives in Montréal or know someone or someplace in Montréal where they fix dreads

That's that! ANY help is welcome!
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