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Hola fellow dread heads! I joined the community a week or so ago when I was feeling like I wanted to pick out every last dread and go back to having nappy frizzy curly hair. Looking at everyone's pictures made me feel good again about being a different shade of nappy.

I've had my dreads since May of this year... so they're just 3 months old. They're looking quite swell and are locking up pretty good. Right now they're in the loopy stage for some of the locks. I have a bunch of loose hair that I need to get locked up in there... but the loose hair doesn't bother me much.

Being that they're kinda small, I have to blow dry them straight otherwise they'll get all curly. It looks cute on some days, but others it looks kinda freakish. They mostly curl at the root and ends, but some curl all over.

Here is a before picture of me with one of my most favorite people... Adame "Doseone" Drucker of the band Subtle. (and me wearing a shirt I made of his own artwork)

here is me at disneyland eating a chocolate banana. Thease are my dreads at a week old.

disneyland cont.

Now fast forward to the present. I decided about a month ago to undread my bangs... THEN I went ahead and um.. cut them. I don't know what got into me, but I guess I figured I hadn't had short bangs in like 2 years so it was okay.

Here is a shot of me at Karaoke last night (the blonde is a dread I made out of human hair for extensions):

and a shot of the back:

I really do think they're coming along pretty nicely. :D
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