Mitzy Brook (lukewarm) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Mitzy Brook

I have butterflies in my tummy

Hello everyone..
I posted awhile back and it was placed in the beautiful post section of the memories, which makes me still happy and appreciative. So now my wedding has pasted and I am about to start my dreads.
I was going to start them sooner but my husband still played the bitchy card and I wasn’t going to have dreads bring up a wall against put my own dread process on the backburner.

Last week he mentioned that after we sell my powerbook that I should use the money and get a dread perm; that comment took me off guard because I had never thought he would say something like that, I had almost given up on his “approval”. I asked him why would I spend that much money for a perm when I can do it myself and he said that the perm would make them look good at the start. I told him that I wouldn’t get them because I didn’t want him to hate me if he hated them and he said that they would grow on him…so..I said ok and now I have been talking and raving about them…then I started to have nightmares about how I get a dread perm and then my hair breaks off and looks like crap…so this morning I started to think that I could not bring myself to spend that much money on them.

On Wednesday a friend of mine along with myself are going to start on them. I have short hair on top so we are going to leave the top of my hair alone for now until it grows out a little and I told him that we are going to do it this way and see how I like it for a few months…which is just a white lie because we are going to backcomb with rip and twist soooo hard and good that in a few months they wont be able to brush out….plus I have come to the idea that he can just shut-up and like them......I cannot wait and I just wanted to tell all of you that I will post pictures as soon as I can load them up. We are going to go to the park and have a nice day of dreading some hair…
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