Elly Blue (elliblue) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Elly Blue


I don't know if this has been asked around here before... didn't see it in any recent entries... are any of you really sensitive to having your hair pulled? I had my girlfriend dread my hair up a few years ago, but the pain of her backcombing it was absolutely unbearable. Even sectioning it off hurt like hell. I couldn't sleep because whenever I lay my head down it felt like my hair was being pulled. I think part of it was that it wasn't sectioned off right, and stray hairs were caught in some of the sections. I ended up shaving them off a couple days later and having a Chelsea hawk. I opted for that since the front of my hair is a lot less sensitive than towards the back. My hair's all grown out now, and I treat it well... i.e. no more bleach, and I only color it with henna. It's a little less sensitive now, but not much.

I would really like to try again though. Any tips on how to dread a really sensitive person's hair would be much appreciated... as well any suggestions of vegan and paraffin-free alternatives to beeswax. Thank you!
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