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My dreads (green and black -- rock) are about a year and two months old, as of this month .. and I've had problems with them ever since I've had them.

First off, I cannot. Repeat. Cannot get them to fully "dread" and I have stray hair all over the place. When I got them done, my hair was undershaven .. and I've tried and tried to dread the undershaven part of my hair when it gets long (I've let it grow for about three months before trying to dread it .. to no prevail). And I can't keep the back dreaded. My friends try and help, and we backcomb and tease and use wool as much as we can, but we can't keep the bastards to stay in.

It's gotten to the point where I want to just keep the first handful of dreads towards the front of my face and shave the rest off. Just because it looks like crap. And I had them professionally done .. they're tight and everything. But I'm thinking it's because I have fine, soft hair.

Anyhow .. I don't have pictures, so I can't really give anyone something to go by. But any ideas / comments? Any would be greatly appreciated.
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