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Separating Mature Dreds + Photo Post

H e y   a l l !
I'm sorry about repeating a subject from the memories, I wasn't sure if the post was too old to get a reply in. In this post, rjstar said she ripped her dreds apart after having them in for a long time. I have had mine for over a year and a half and they are TIGHT.  I have two way-too-fat dreds that drive me nuts (yarrr) because they are very very stiff. It makes it hard to pull my hair back. I'm just looking for reinforcement - do you really think I can pull them apart? I'm guessing it just hurts a lot.
Do you think if I actually just cut them in half that there would be any hope for them? (prolly not).

These are my dreds after about a year and a half. I have been struggling with not worrying about how I look (which is why I put them in in the first place!) and having messy dreds. I am thinking about trying this crocheting and needling stuff with these loose patches of hair (labeled "arg!").

On a side note, has anyone else's dreds SHRUNK this much? Mine shrunk about a foot. Arg!
Anyway.. here's my dred evolution for you photo lovin folk:

My first set that I combed out after 4 months:

Week old dreds of the second run and dyed dark brown:

Then there was the awkward stage:

And finally here they are, shrunk a whole 12 inches! And messy:

Haha, I'm obnoxious in that pic.

Lastly, here is the back of them currently 
(arg and that extra loose hair!!):

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