freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

I had a few thoughts and I figured I'm share them with the class.

1. It's great that people come to get_up_dread_up to get advice and tips but one thing to remember is that everyone does not agree on how to make dreadlocks. That being said, the stuff in the memories are just the way that certain people have found a way to make their hair form into long knotted ropes of hair. There is no authority. You can't do it the wrong way. Even if you fuck up, in enough time, it will correct itself because all you're doing it letting your hair get matted. Long knotted ropes of hair should equal dreadlocks but not everyone believes this. There is an ongoing semantics debate about whether or not you can call the end product a dreadlock if you do certain methods to create them. For instance, if you use chemicals, if you use other hair, if you palm roll, if you comb it or if you do nothing at all to it, someone will not think you have dreadlocks. They'll call them fake locks or shit locks or whatever name they think it should get. Here's the moral of the story: Fuck 'em. Do whatever the hell you feel comfortable with to get your hair to become long knotted ropes of hair and stop driving yourself fucknuts because of the process.

2. I'd like to start this by saying I do think that it's ludicrous that people assume white people with dreadlocks automatically means cultural appropriation (stealing from other cultures). I also find it ludicrous that there are white people wearing dreadlocks who have no idea of the history and meaning it holds for certain cultures. Personally, people need to be aware of that and get off their high horse when someone dares to be offended. People are allowed to be offended by anything they want and yes we're allowed the right to ignore them. But maybe we could take a second out of our selfish lives to think "Is it just the hairstyle or the way I'm acting while wearing it that's bothering them?" Like the other day, I saw a group of white kids with dreadlocks walking around Target. I was about to go over and talk to them about their hair (since I love locks on everyone) and one of them starts talking like some ghetto stereotype. He's all slouched over and (for lack of a better term) trying to act Black to amuse his friends. It was obvious that kid was trying to be all hipster irony and all his cronies laughed but it pissed the shit out of me. He's standing there wearing a hairstyle that isn't completely neutral to Black people and mocking us in the process. That shit stings. And if I ever said something about it to him, he'd probably start yelling about how no one culture owes dreadlocks. I can't speak for you but a lot of the Black people (like me) grow dreadlocks as a way to learn about their lost heritage, to embrace their natural beauty. Now I see some fucking idiot walking around with them and he's laughing at us while doing it. THAT RIGHT THERE is the shit people are TALKING about! If you are wearing something that is important to a culture, then damn sure don't be a fucking douche towards that culture in the process. I don't get why this shit is so fucking hard. And I'll tell you what, after his asshattery, I wanted him to shave his fucking head because his dreads didn't look so beautiful anymore.

Wow, that became a rant near the end. *breathes* That's my $0.02
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