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Dreads have been re-done. Backcombed them until my head looked like a giant spider. It took over ten hours in total. Of course it was more than worth it.

Sorry about the bad picture, my brother has hidden his digital camera in such a cunning and crafty place that even he can't find it now.

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Any advice on looking after them? I've attacked the memories but wondering if there's anything in specific you can advise. Before I was palm rolling but I'm not too keen on doing that again, they were getting too thin. I was a dork and bought a kit, well parts of it. The lock peppa, accelerating spray and wax. Most of you seem wary about the wax so I'm not sure how to use it/how much. I'd rather not but if needed I'll have to. The peppa really helped with the back combing. Should I just leave the dreads to get on with it or is there something I need to do to them everyday?

Thanks in advance, you've been really helpful so far. ♥

A quick question for UK dreadies: where can I get beads from and how much have yours been in the past? Thank you.

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