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tough decision :(

i have had my dreads for almost eleven months now, and i am starting to seriously consider cutting them off. i love them to pieces and truly wish i could keep them, so i really want to sit on this decision for a while before actually going through with it.

there are two main reasons for me wanting to get rid of them:

1) i have trichotillomania (compulsion to pull hair), which has worsened markedly since having dreads. their thickness and texture cry out for me to pull! my scalp is sore and my hair is thinning. i don't want it to get so bad that i'm actually ripping off my dreads. i haven't looked too deep into treatment for this condition though, which may be an option.

2) i am a very active person that tries to work out at least every other day, if not every day. this means that i sweat A LOT, and therefore my scalp gets very itchy and uncomfortable when i don't wash my hair every day. but washing my hair every day means mold for dreadlocks. also, i am an avid bicycler, and helmets both don't fit my head correctly because the dreads add so much bulk, and also make my dreads flat from the pressure. but not wearing a helmet increases my chance of getting a serious head injury in the event of a collision! and that is more important to me than having pretty hair.

however, i've had them for almost a year now and they've come so far! they went from being just a few inches long to coming down to my shoulders, and they've tightened a great deal. i love how crazy and messy they are. i would love to be able to grow them much longer. i went through so much to get to this point! i don't want to shave my head. i've had a shaved head before, so it's not that scary to me, but it's really not flattering on me. please, give me your insight on this. i don't want to make a big mistake that i'll regret later!
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