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'sup i have just joined this community after reading through it for ages and seeing photos of so many peoples amazing dreadlocks!!! i'm very jealous :) read my user info if ya bored . . . i'd like 2 get 2 know sum cool ppls.

i love my dreads . . . they started around last october when i took braids out that i had had over the summer and the tops had begun to dread so i jus decided not to brush my hair only to wash it. last time i washed my hair though i think was last december, which my parents are not happy about :P the majority of my dreads grew naturally until about half way and then i finished them off. i love them!!!
i didnt put any wax or anything on them at all at first; recently i have put a little bit of soap and dodgy hair stuff [that looks like spunk lol] onto them, but they are mainly natural.

for anyone that can help me , i'd be really grateful !!!
the back underneath of my hair just WILL NOTdread! :( it wont matt naturally and when i try and do them by myself they just dont work. so i have sectioned it and tied it up with bands - one on the top, middle and bottom of each one. shall i leave them tied up for a bit and see what happens or what?

also, a load of my dreads have loose bits at the sides so they look a bit dodgy, what can i use to make them . . . umm like more solid and complete ?

the ends of loads of my dreads are just hair and it annoys me, what is a good way to accomplish maximum dreadness all the way to the bottom ? ! ?

thank you dread head buddies, peace xXxGxXx
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