i like liking things that no one else likes (mcpuggington) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
i like liking things that no one else likes

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hott dreadies & good eats

last Saturday my bebe & i ventured down to Ft. Lauderdale (FL) for some nummy eats at this amazingly awesome gourmet vegan/veggie restaurant called Sublime.... it was so amazingly good, even though i didn't like what i ordered for dinner (the coconut mushroom thai bowl is VERY full of lemon-grass!), but my sweetpea was nice enough to let me have what she ordered (aw!), the pseudo-beef stroganoff.... here is a write-up from the PETA website.... the restaurant has a garden on top of the roof at which they grow all their herbs & 100% of the profit is donated to animal-rights organizations (i don't know how they do this?!)....

but anyways on to my dreadie portion of the nite.... the waitress at the table next to ours had these amazing long flowing brown natural dreads with cowry shells hiding out here & there.... i couldn't help but stare agape at her amazing locks & my bebe thought she was very Ani Difranco-esque!
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