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hello everyone! this is my first post to this community, though i've been lurking and admiring everyone's pictures and dread knowledge for a few weeks now. i've been thinking about dreading my hair for over a year, and finally (after one miserably failed attempt last december) i have dreads of my very own! a friend of mine who has done over 150 heads of dreads did mine up for me. he didn't use any "stuff" in them, just a comb and his hands. it took about 6-7 hours.

they're pretty frizzy on the tips, and the roots aren't dreaded all the way to my head, but from what i've been reading in this community those are both pretty common issues with dreads.

i have a question: there seem to be two schools of thought on how to take care of dreads. the first one seems to believe that the best way to get "real", genuine dreads is just to leave them alone, let them do their thing. the second group seems to go with the belief that the more work you put into them, the better.

what does everyone here think of that? if i let my dreads go, am i likely to have a big mess on my hands in a few months, or will they turn out okay? if i put a lot of work into them, will the frizziness and undreaded roots be fixed faster? thanks for your opinions.

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