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hello! my name is Martine, and i was reading this group already for a long time, so eeh i could just as well join and write something myself too :) im from holland, i have my dreads for about 1,5 year, but last winter i cut about half of them off, now i have still dreads the two middle lines of my head, and on the back some more, and two behind my ears. I only backcombed them, never put anything in them, and uhm how to describe.. when you take the dread between your uhh pointing finger and your middle finger, and about one cm away from that between your other pointing and middle finger, and then start making circles in opposite sides.. and for the roots, do the same but just with one hand and start rubbing it against your head. but i never really did a lot about them, so theyre also different sizes and with lots of weird shapes and stuff.. but i think thats the way its supposed to be :) its already the second time ive got dreads, like 4 or 5 years ago i had dreads for about half a year, but those were very uncomfortable, only about 15, really fat ones.. now im happy with em, so eeh thats it :)
hm on this computer i dont really have any clear pictures, but here are some anyway..

this one is when i had em only a few months

titel of beschrijving

this one is about 4 months ago

titel of beschrijving

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