wendy lane 3/4 (usedandconfused) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
wendy lane 3/4

Scrapbook summer.

So, it's been a crazy summer.
I dated this guy for a while who was... crazy. Kind of an asshole. Really beautiful. Sort of a genius, a creative mastermind, and all the while a dependent egocentric prick. We're still very good friends, but a friend flew out and they fell in love so he took a bus and ran off to New York City because he's random and does things like that.
The point is, we both had dreads. Here's some imagery.

It started right before I went to Baltimore to break up with my fiancee.

This is me in Baltimore.



His eyes pierced the darkness.

We drank too much, did too many drugs, and got into way too much trouble.

Natalie existed with us for a while. We made a makeshift bed and pushed them together and were triads for about a month.

The good stuff:

I love this picture. He hates it.

One more of me and nat:

I realize this is a rather copious amount of pictures. I hope you guys enjoy looking at pictures as much as I do... if not, I apologize. But there's my summer in a nutshell. It was crazy and fun and it made me laugh and cry and get pissed off and do stupid things and I'm so fucking glad it happened.

Thanks for sharing it with me.

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